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At Exam Centre London, we understand the importance of your academic journey, and we're here to help you excel in your UCAS application. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the best preparation and guidance to ensure your success. With our UCAS Mock Exam and Predicted Grade service, you're one step closer to achieving your educational goals.

Why Choose Exam Centre London?

Accurate Predicted Grades:Our experienced educators will assess your performance and provide you with precise predicted grades that can guide your university application process. Comprehensive Mock Exams:Our mock exams are designed to simulate the actual UCAS exams, giving you a real feel for the test environment and helping you manage your time effectively. Personalized Feedback:Receive valuable feedback on your performance, pinpointing areas for improvement and strengthening your exam-taking skills. User-Friendly Application Process:Our application process is easy and streamlined, consisting of four simple steps:

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Fill out the necessary information to register for the UCAS Mock Exam. Be sure to provide accurate details to ensure a smooth experience.

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UCAS Registered Centre

Exam Centre London is now a registered UCAS centre, providing support for private candidates and home educated students to access higher education. Our central objective is to ensure that each candidate receives the help and assistance required to face the barriers and access the best educational routes without difficulty! We strive to ease this procedure for you and make the transition to higher education as smooth as possible! UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) is an institution providing assistance with applying to British universities. Most universities in Britain would require students to register their interest via UCAS and Exam Centre London is now able to offer this to our candidates. As a UCAS registered centre, Exam Centre London will not only help its students to successfully complete the entire application process but we will also have unique access to the student’s application to track it during the process itself. Exam Centre London can review your application and suggest amendments based on our valuable experience that we have accumulated over the years! Our experienced and qualified advisors will be able to guide you towards the right direction, suggesting the best five options for yourself! Whilst candidates have the choice to apply independently, there are many benefits of linking your application with Exam Centre London. We are proud to share that Exam Centre London will now have access to:

  • Track the progress of your application
  • Provide support and advice from our qualified and experienced advisors
  • Provide valuable feedback and suggested edits for your personal statement
  • Review of your application before submitting
  • Provide references
  • Securely paying fees on behalf of the students

UCAS Registered Details

Exam Centre London is committed to support our candidates in every way possible! We are collaborating with various university graduates from top Russell group universities of London to impart their valuable skills and knowledge. Our tutors have been thoroughly trained to help you perfect your personal statement, identifying any key information that you may have missed, essentially helping you produce an advanced and fine personal statement. Talking about your personal skills and achievements in a professional manner can be a challenge. This is where our tutors come handy! Together we can produce an appealing and impressive personal statement, unlocking doors of opportunities!

Alongside the application, Exam Centre London rightly acknowledges the importance of predicted grades in this application. It is fair to claim that many offers today are reliant on the predicted grades. Based on that, Exam Centre London are now offering candidates the opportunity to sit mock exams under controlled conditions, based on which we can generate credible predicted grades that can be submitted as part of your UCAS application. Top Russell group universities have specific entry requirements; Exam Centre London is committed to help its candidates to meet the requirements, helping them reach their dream career route in ease. Exam Centre London will approve all completed applications and attach a factual reference highlighting your prior achievements alongside any relevant extracurricular activities that may add value to your application, also maximising the likelihood of securing offers at the top universities in Britain.

How to obtain predicted grades?

1. Submit an application to UCAS and link the application with us using our buzzcode.

2. Sit back whilst we verify your documents.

3. Sit mock exams based on past exam papers (if required for predicted grades). Our trained and experienced tutors will carefully examine your papers and based on your performance, a predicted grade would be proposed.

4. A short meeting will be scheduled with the candidate to discuss their educational background, extracurricular activities as well as achievements. This will put us in a better position to provide an appealing reference, specific to each candidate, to increase the likelihood of securing offers.

Our Prices

UCAS application support including documents verifying and referencing- £100

Mock exams for the purpose of predicted grades- £70(GCSE)/ Paper and £80(A Level)/Paper

Review of personal statement (2 hours)- £50

Exam Centre London assures you that our personalised service, focusing on your individual requirements, will assist every candidate to make their dreams come true and secure places in top universities of the UK.

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