Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) is precisely what it sounds like—a vital element of your academic qualification that doesn't rely on a final written examination. NEA encompasses a wide range of practical assessments and tasks, eliminating the need for traditional end-of-course exams. Common examples of NEA include science experiments, geography field trips, environmental science fieldwork, historical research, oral language tests, coursework in both English and foreign languages, astronomy observations, and hands-on art projects.

At Exam Centre London, we specialize in facilitating NEA assessments for most subjects, with a particular focus on the ones mentioned above. However, we're also open to discussing additional NEA options that may not be listed here, working closely with your tutors or educational groups to expand our support and enhance participation even further.


# Subject Board Details
1 A Level English Literature EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR,WJEC Non-exam assessment:COURSEWORK
2 A Level English Language EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR,WJEC Non-exam assessment: Language in action
3 A Level Chemistry EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR,WJEC Non-exam assessment: Practical Endorsement
4 A Level Biology EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR,WJEC Non-exam assessment: Practical Endorsement
5 A Level Physics EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR,WJEC Non-exam assessment: Practical Endorsement
6 A Level Computer Science EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR Non-exam assessment: Practical Endorsement
7 GCSE English Language EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR,WJEC Non-exam assessment: Spoken Language
8 GCSE Arabic EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR,WJEC Non-exam assessment: Spoken Language
9 GCSE Biology EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR,WJEC Non-exam assessment: Practical Endorsement
10 GCSE Physics EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR,WJEC Non-exam assessment: Practical Endorsement
11 GCSE Chemistry EDEXCEL,AQA,OCR,WJEC Non-exam assessment: Practical Endorsement

Which subjects are available for application?


A Level English

A Level English Language, Literature, and Language & Literature all include a crucial Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) component that must be verified and evaluated by an accredited Exam Centre to determine your final grade. Exam Centre London has introduced an NEA delivery solution that has been widely adopted by numerous Distance Learning Providers (DLPs) offering A Level English qualifications. We maintain close collaborations with our DLP partners to ensure the proper authentication and grading of the required NEA. However, if you are not currently partnered with a Exam Centre london DLP, an alternative route is available.

You can choose to engage one of our approved tutors for this purpose, though this may incur additional costs. To ensure accurate authentication, you will need to work with the tutor for a minimum of 10 hours of tuition. For the most up-to-date information regarding our list of approved tutors, please reach out to the NEA Team at Exam Centre London. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

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GCSE English

For many private candidates, the Speaking, Listening, and Communication (SLC) component of GCSE English has posed challenges. However, accessing all the necessary assessments for GCSE English is now simpler than ever. We are here to facilitate a seamless SLC session for you within the assessment window(s), ensuring that you earn the coveted endorsement on your certificate. Alternatively, if you prefer to pursue your studies without the SLC component, you have the option to opt for an International GCSE offered by Pearson Edexcel or Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). However, we strongly recommend that you always verify the qualification requirements with any prospective Further or Higher Education institution or employer to align your choices with their expectations. Your educational and career aspirations are important, and we are here to support you in making informed decisions.

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Exam Centre London has been specializing in language assessments since its establishment, catering to the unique needs of private candidates seeking suitable examination venues in London. We understand the challenges that many private candidates face, especially when it comes to finding an exam centre that can accommodate the speaking component of language assessments.

We take pride in our extensive language assessment offerings, having evaluated over 25 languages, ranging from Arabic to Urdu, Bengali to Turkish. If you're interested in studying a GCSE/iGCSE/A Level language, Exam Centre London is committed to providing you with the assessment and grading services you require. You can consult our Fees List to see the language subjects we currently offer. If your desired language is not listed, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we will make every effort to assist you in your language assessment needs.

Our language assessments are conducted by highly qualified and experienced tutors who also offer practice sessions to help you prepare effectively.

It's essential to note that language assessments typically take place during April and May and must be conducted at your local Exam Centre London centre in London. Unfortunately, candidates do not have the option to select their assessment dates, as they depend on tutor availability on the designated day

At Exam Centre London, we are dedicated to facilitating your language assessment journey in London, ensuring you have the support and resources needed to succeed.

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You have the option to collaborate with various Distance Learning Providers (DLPs) to ensure the suitability, validation, and grading of your A Level Historical Enquiry. However, if you choose not to partner with one of Exam Centre London' DLPs, you will be required to engage with one of our authorized tutors. Please note that additional fees will apply, and a minimum of 10 hours of tutoring will be necessary to ensure accurate authentication of your work. For the most up-to-date list of approved tutors, please contact the NEA Team at Exam Centre London.

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At Exam Centre London, we recognize the importance of non-exam assessments in A-level science subjects. In today's competitive educational landscape, these assessments offer a unique opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their understanding and practical skills. Whether you're passionate about Biology, Chemistry, or Physics, non-exam assessments play a pivotal role in your A-level journey.

Our London-based exam center proudly offers a conducive environment for A-level science candidates to excel in their non-exam assessments. Located in the heart of this vibrant city, Exam Centre London provides a supportive and state-of-the-art setting for your A-level science journey.

A-level science non-exam assessments emphasize practical skills and scientific investigations. At Exam Centre London, we encourage candidates to immerse themselves in hands-on experiments, data analysis, and critical thinking. Our facilities are equipped to meet the demands of your practical assessments.

Visit Exam Centre London and let us be your partner in success throughout your A-level science non-exam assessment journey.

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